10 Best Towel Warmer 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide


Towel warmer comes in different qualities and Different Popularities. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you go for the best towel warmers that will make your closet complete. Finding the best towel warmers will help you to keep your towel warm and clean. You will be in a position to utilize the space in your closet, as you will fold your towels well when they are dry.

In choosing the best warmers, you should consider the available space that you have as well as the number of towels that you would like to keep safely in your closet. Some of the warmers have different reviews that you need to consider while choosing the warmers to buy. Some towel warmers are designed in such a way not to plunge when used with heavy wet towels.

Top 5 Best Towel Warmers Editor’s Choice


Here are some of the best towel warmers that are popular and durable in helping you keep your towels warms while saving more space in your closet while storing them.

Our 10 Best Towel Warmer Reviews:

1. Brookstone Towel Warmer


The Brookstone Towel Warmers are very versatile and warm various materials from robes to towels to bed sheets in a more convenient manner. It does this in remarkably ten minutes, thus being most efficient. The towel warmer comes in different design that allows you to warm two towels at once. The warmer has a transparent lid, which makes it easier to see what is happening inside. The warmer also has an auto-shutoff feature that regulates its temperature when the temperatures reach optimal. This implies that you need not be there while warming your towels as it shut itself off when the maximum temperatures are reached.

The warmer is made of silicone and makes it easier to heat the towel both sides at once. In addition, one can use this best hot towel warmer to heat gloves and hats on a cold day before getting out to work. Some of its advantages over the other warmers include having an attractive design that any person would like to have. Also, the warmer heats the towel in an even manner. This is a durable warmer, which is easy to install as well as to assemble, thus standing out in the market to be significant. The only con that is attached to it is its price as some people feel that it is somehow expensive as compared to other warmers. Try this warmer and you will live to enjoy its services.


  • Silicone heating element
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Extra-large design making it warm more than one item
  • Very light in weight thus easy to carry
  • Affordable price
  • User-friendly manual


2. Warmrails WHC Hyde Park Family Size Floor Standing Towel Warmer


If you want to have a warmer that is durable and portable, warmrails WHC should click in your mind. The warmer is well designed that will save your money while purchasing it. It is a multi-purpose warmer that will not only save your space in the closet but also make it clean and neat. The warmer is of high quality and its durability is not questionable. It is designed as the best towel warmer rack that can accommodate several towels at a time. In addition, the warmer doesn’t consume a lot of electricity thus saving your money on electricity bills.

The warmer serves several purposes like warming your swimsuits, beddings, and baby blankets all at the same time. It also helps you to keep your towels fresh and warm at all times. The warmer has various racks that one uses to dry the towels in a floor-standing operation. The warmer is very attractive with chrome finishing making it attractive to the user. If you value uniqueness and style, you need to go for this towel warmer as it sums it all. The warmer also has a well-connected 7’ power cord that has a grounded plug, which makes it be more efficient to use. The warmer is very strong and you can hang more than one towel without bending. The warmer is also rust resistance, thus your towels will not have any mark after hanging them. Get this warmrails WHC towel warmer and you will never be disappointed while using it.


  • Attractive chrome finish
  • Floor standing base
  • 7’ power cord
  • Grounded plug
  • Easy to carry
  • User-friendly
  • Less power consuming warmer


3. Warmrails HSKC Kensington Wall Mounted Towel Warmer


Warmrails HSKC towel warmer will turn your house into a luxurious spa if installed. I know you are that person who likes the frilliest life. This is the warmer that you need to have in your home. The warmer has several hanging bars that make you place multiple items at once. The warmer only uses 150 watts of power, thus making it perfect and convenient for drying towels and clothes on freezing days. It has a wall mount design that enables you to save space in your house. Due to its unique chrome finishing, it increases its beauty as well as it protects the warmer from rusting.

The warmer comes with a 7-foot electricity cord that makes it be hanged anywhere within the reach of a power supply. Its installation manual is user-friendly that any person can use freely. In addition, the warmer comes with a year warranty meaning that you can dry some delicate outfits like baby blankets, and swimsuits without any worries. The warmer can run for the whole day without any technical problem making it efficient to dry your towels even when there is freezing weather. The unit can dry any hand-washable items that you may not want to dry with regular dryers. If you love décor with best towel warmer reviews, go for the Warmrails HSKC towel warmer and you will love the experience.


  • The warmer has a chrome finish
  • It has plastic mounting feet
  • Easy installation procedures
  • It is user-friendly
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Resistant to rust
  • It has 7-foot electricity cord


4. Elite Hot Towel Cabinet, Mini


If you are looking for a mini warmer that is durable and portable, Elite Hot Towel Cabinet is the way to go. A single hot-towel-cabinet keeps your towel warm throughout. It can hold 12 small facial-sized towels at once. The warmer maintains a consistent temperature of between 150 and 160 degrees. This will make your towels dry faster, making it more convenient to use. It also comes with an interior towel rack as well as a water drip pan. While using the warmer, you’re supposed to pre-soak the towels, then wring them out, roll them up and then place the towels inside on the wire rack unit. After doing all this, turn on the unit and the towels are going to heat up.

If you are a lover of reliability unit, the Elite Hot Towel Cabinet fits your desire. The unit is very reliable, has excellent quality and it has a reasonable price with regard to interior design. The warmer has a lightweight as it is made up of plastic and metal. In addition, the warmer is user-friendly and you can use it freely with little guidance. The wire racks are stainless making it be resistant to rust. This is a warmer that one can advocate for when you want to dry your facial towels. Since the warmer has one heat setting, it makes it more easy and simple to operate as compared to other towel warmers. You need to go for the best towel warmer cabinet, just choose this towel warmer and you will enjoy a great experience while warming your towels.


  • The warmer has one heat setting
  • It is user-friendly as it has fewer installation procedures
  • It has lightweight thus easy to move it along
  • It is durable and portable
  • It has stainless wire racks that are resistant to rust
  • It has an internal temperature control unit
  • It has insulated the cabinet


5. Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer


The Amba RWH-CB Radiant towel warmer is a stylish unit that everyone needs to embrace. If you’re looking for a luxurious unit towel warmer you need to go for this unique product that is affordable to all. The warmer is made of stainless steel bars that let your towels to dry evenly. The warmer is resistant to rust making every person to admire it. You just have to sit back and wait for your towels to dry smoothly and faster while using this unit bearing in mind the towels will come out just the way you wanted it to be. Its ten crossbars allow optimal drying that we all envy. It is also very durable making it strong to sustain the heavy load of towels without bending. The towel warmer is pocket-friendly making many users to afford it.

The warmer is mounted on the wall saving space for the user. You need to have this warmer to experience its usefulness. The warmer has a lightweight that makes it possible for its portability. In addition, the warmer is user-friendly that makes the user operate without any hindrance. The warmer has a programmed timer that can be regulated for 24 hours per day. So, if you want to have the best towel warmer brands for in your house go for the Amba RWH-CB Radiant and you will live to enjoy.


  • It heats quickly
  • It is made of stainless steel making it rust resistant
  • It has ten crossbars that allow optimal drying
  • It has vertical and horizontal bars that are heated
  • It is built in an on/off switch with an average temperature of up to 149 degrees


6. Warmrails HSRS Regent Wall Mounted Towel Warmer


You may be willing to acquire a perfect towel warmer that perfectly matches your needs. You may be tired of having to take long before your towels dry! Or maybe you keep on using wet towels because of them lacking to dry up, don’t worry anymore as the Warmrails HSRS regent towel warmer with a nickel finish is the best option.

Warmrails HSRS Regent Wall Mounted Towel Warmer, Nickel Finish is a unique towel warmer that will keep your towel dry in a stylish manner. This towel warmer is of high quality and it does resist breakage even with bigger loads. The unit will not only keep your towels dry and warm but also it will ensure that your towels are fresh. This unit is durable as it is only mounted on the wall where there is less or no disturbances.

The Warmrails HSRS towel warmer has a 50-watt unit that is mounted on the wall. It is suitable in warming delicate items, baby blankets, hand-washables as well as beddings without the use of other dryers. In addition, the Warmrails towel warmer comes with a one-year warranty that gives you confidence while using it. It is also has a Nickel finish that makes it be rust-resistant. Therefore, you need not worry while using this towel warmer as you’ll be assured that your towels will be safe while using this unit. Just, go for this best buy towel warmer and all your towel-drying issues will be solved.


  • It is a wall mount unit that makes it unique
  • It has an attractive Nickel finish that makes it stylish
  • It has a 1-year warranty making one gain confidence while using it
  • It is user-friendly as it has fewer installations requirements
  • It is durable as one doesn’t have to move it from one place to another


7. Warmrails RTC Traditional Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Towel Warmer


If you are looking for a unique and pocket-friendly towel warmer, you need to think of a Warmrails RTC Traditional wall-mounted, Chrome Finish that will give you an outstanding experience. This towel warmer is durable its strength is enforced by the chrome finish.

The warmrails RTC towel warmer keeps your towels fresh and warm. It will help you in drying and warming your delicate items, baby blankets, swimsuits and beddings. The unit has both wall mount and floor standing option that makes its user a wide range of choice. It also has a chrome finish that makes it very attractive. You can’t miss having this unit. In addition, this unit has a 7’ power cord that has a grounded plug.

The warmrails RTC towel warmer has several rails that you can use to warm your towel. This makes it possible to have more than one towel drying at any given time. Additionally, this towel warmer is rust-resistant and you need not worry while using it. You’re assured that your towels will be safe, warm and fresh while using this item. Therefore, if you are looking for the best hot towel warmer, go for this item and you will live to enjoy due to its unique features.


  • It has a chrome finish that gives it an attractive look
  • It has both wall mount and floor standing option
  • It has 7’ power cord that has a grounded plug
  • It is very durable
  • It can be used to dry more than one item at a time due to having different rails
  • It is a user-friendly unit


8. Warmrails RTS Traditional Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Towel Warmer


Are you are looking for an amazing towel warmer? I have the best choice for you!  Warmrails RTS Traditional Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Towel Warmer, Nickel Finish is the perfect unit that will help your ends meet.

The warmrails RTS with Nickel finish is a unique product that has an attractive look. This towel warmer has both wall mount and floor standing option making it be convenient to the user. The product is durable and has an enforced strength with the nickel finish. In addition, this product is rust-resistant due to its unique finishing and you can enjoy it without worrying about your towels. Due to it being strengthened, you will be in a position to use it in multiple purposes that including hanging more than one towel to warm as well as warming other items like swimsuits without worries.

The warmrails RTS with nickel finish is easy to operate, as it has no installation process. It also portable and you can mount or place it conveniently anywhere in your house without any problem. This item has a 7’ power cord that can reach the power supply easily regardless of the position you have placed it. If you want the best towel warmer rack, just give the Warmrails RTS Traditional Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Towel Warmer, Nickel Finish a try and you will live to appreciate its services.


  • It has a Nickel finish that gives it an attractive look
  • It has 7’ power cord that has a grounded plug
  • It is user-friendly as it has fewer installations requirements
  • It is durable
  • The towel warmer is resistant to rust due to the nickel finish
  • It has both wall mount and floor standing option


9. WarmlyYours 9-Bar Riviera Towel Warmer


If you’re looking for a towel warmer that is well designed and easy to use, WarmlyYours 9-Bar Riviera Towel Warmer, Hardwired, Polished Stainless Steel is your best choice. This towel warmer will give you an outstanding experience that you cannot get it anywhere.

The WarmlyYours 9-Bar Riviera Towel Warmer is easy to clean as it has low maintenance bars that are made of stainless steel construction. The towel warmer is very durable because its curved bars gives it its rigidity and thus hard to break even when warming a variety of towels. The 2-year warranty will give you a peace of mind, as you will have confidence in it.

The WarmlyYours 9-Bar Riviera Towel Warmer is hardwired that allows it to be freely mounted on the wall with free cord design in any bathroom.

In addition, the towel warmer has an automatic timer that starts and stops as scheduled when the towels become warm adding convenience to the user. It also has generous 9-bar-design that it uses to distribute heat evenly while warming a maximum of two large robes or towels. You can also note that this towel warmer hangs beautifully in your bathroom and is in a position to suit well for medium and large bathrooms.

So, if you’re looking for the best towel warmer rack, this is the best suit for you! Just go for it and enjoy the best services.


  • It has Generous 9-bar design
  • It is hardwired
  • This towel warmer is easy to clean
  • It has a 2-year warranty
  • It has a programmable timer


10. Amba RWP-CB Radiant Plug-In Curved Towel Warmer


You’re looking for a towel warmer right? Here is the best towel warmer that you should have in mind while making a booking. Amba RWP-CB Radiant Plug-In Curved Towel Warmer, Brushed is a towel warmer that easy to install and use.

The installation directions are very clear and any person can make the installation without any problem. This towel warmer heats quickly and making your work easier. The Amba RWP-CB Radiant Plug-In Curved Towel Warmer, Brushed is made of ten crossbars that allow it to dry the towels optimally. In addition, the towel warmer is made of stainless steel bars that are laid well both vertically horizontally. It also has an on and off switch with an average temperature that ranges up-to 149 decrees.


  • This towel warmer is made up of stainless steel
  • The unit is easy to install
  • This towel warmer has an on/off with up to 149 degrees on average
  • The warmer has ten crossbars that allow optimal heating
  • The warmer is mounted on the wall for easy use


Buying Guide: Things to Look When Choose Towel Warmer

You should consider several things before buying Towel Warmers.

Quality and durability

The material used in the construction of the towel warmer mainly determines quality and durability. You can purchase the cheap towel warmers or you can go for the more expensive types that will serve the purpose of warming your towels. Although some metal hangers are more durable, they may tend to deform if you hang heavy towels on them.

Types of Towels to warm

Before you buy towel warmers, it is vital to have in mind the kind of towel that you want to warm. If your towels are slip-prone, go for warmers that will sustain that. Ensure the warmer rails don’t subject your towel to any unwanted marks. This is so because most warmers come in different packs. Check the most reliable pack of your preferred towel warmer in finding out if they are going to accommodate all your towel needs.

Space in your bathroom/closet

The space in your bathroom/closet is a major factor when it comes to purchasing a warmer. Some warmers will tend to occupy more space while they can only be used to warm a few towels. It’s a good idea to go for multipurpose warmers that can hold several items at once. It’s also worth taking up a good look at the closet’s measurements in finding the right size of towel warmer to purchase. Let the size of your warmer be fitting to the closet or bathroom you have in your home.

Design and style

The design and style of your warmer is a very significant thing to consider while buying it. Mostly, you want to clear up the mess you have with the previous warmer if at all you’re not a first-timer. Is that right? Of course yes, go for warmer that is both elegant and attractive. The warmers come in different shapes as well as in different colors that match your home. Just go for the best that will come with uniqueness. This will give you a feeling of touch and classy that you might be lacking for a lengthy time. Ensure that you pick the ideal style and design that will make your bathroom or closet presentable.


Ask yourself, how much to invest in buying a towel warmer. This is a one-time investment that you should put much consideration before concluding your decision. It is important if you go for a warmer that has best towel warmer reviews as there are higher chances it comes with great quality. Mostly, the price of the towel warmer need to be determined by what you have in the pocket as well as not forgetting style, quality, durability, and material used in making the warmer.


You may be that person who keeps on moving from one place to another. This is very fine as it may be determined by the nature of work that you engage in. in this case, ensure that you buy a towel warmer that is portable since it is not going to be fixed permanently into your home. Make good use of warmers can be carried easily, even it means using the ones that be packed in your suitcase at ease.

How to Use a Towel Warmer:

Towel warmers come in different shapes and sizes. Some are mounted on the wall while others are placed on the floor. In addition, some of the towel warmers are cabinet like while others have racks. After knowing all this, it is evident that their usage is different. For instance, on the racks towel warmers, you need to install the warmer at your convenient place, may it at the laundry area or at the bathroom depending on the size of your home. After that, you will hang your wet towel on them, and leave them to dry up.

On the other side, when it comes to warmers that are cabinet like, you place your towel inside them and leave them to dry.  It is worth noting that some towel warmers are programmed in such a way that they auto shut themselves after being scheduled. In this case, you will just program your warmer after putting the towels that you need to warm and then leave it by itself.

For the once that doesn’t shut themselves down, you will have to wait for them to make sure that after the towel is warm, you shut them down by yourself.  So, the key thing here is knowing how to use your towel warmer is to first know the type of warmer you’re using.

How to Install Towel Warmer

If you want to install your towel warmer, you must find the most appropriate location to mount your warmer. Make sure that you follow all the instructions of the manufacturer as well as the safety precautions needed for installation. Nevertheless, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you verify the level of assembly. Set all the assembly in the right place and mark accurately the locations of all the four legs of the warmer on the tile. You may use level in ensuring that the level is perfectly matched.
  2. Drill holes in the wall for the bolts. Make sure that you anchor the legs securely on the wall while using toggle bolts. Then, screw the bolts into the drilled holes.
  3. Make the electrical connections carefully while using the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Make sure that you secure the warmer into the right place and tighten all the screws.

Frequently Ask Question About Towel Warmer:

Q.1- How do you keep towels warm?

Making your towels warm is very important for every individual. You just have to get the right towel warmer in ensuring that you’re always at peace of mind. Always put your wet towel in a towel warmer before using it to ensure that your towel is warm at all the time. Never fail to use the right warmer for the right towel that you want to be warmed. For instance, if you want warm your face towel use the one that is right for the face towel and if you want to a big towel ensure that you use the one that can accommodate the big towel.

Q.2- Can you put a blanket in a towel warmer?

Yes. But, it depends on what kind of towel warmer that you’re using. Some towel warmers can accommodate a blanket while others cannot. So, you are supposed to use the right towel warmer with the right size of the blanket. For instance, you can’t put a blanket in a warmer that only holds face towels, but you can put it in a warmer that can hold large towels.

Q.3- How does towel warmer work?

Towel warmers work in warming the towel that has been put into it. After putting your towel in the warmer, you’re supposed to switch it on to start heating the towel. Some are pre-scheduled and they will detect when the towel is warmed and thus it will shut it on or off when it is done.

Q.4- How much does a towel warmer cost?

Towel warmers come at different prices. There are those, which are relatively cheap while others are a bit expensive regarding their quality, durability, style, and design. So, it is important to know which kind of towel warmer you require before coming to know its cost as they do vary.

Q.5- How long does it take a towel warmer to heat up?

Heating up of the warmer depends on the quality of the towel warmer that you’re using. Some warmers may take few minutes like 5 or fewer minutes while others may take a bit longer. However, you need not worry, as the bottom line of the towel warmer is to heat the towel. It is worth noting that regardless of the time that the warmer will take, it will have to heat up and the towel at the place will warm up at the final analysis.

Final Verdict:

It is important to conclude that towel warmers are relevant in our lives. They help to keep our towels warm, fresh and dry at all times. You should choose your towel warmer carefully while considering some factors like durability, style, design, portability, price, and space that you have in your house before purchasing them. Best towel warmers come with a price and you should ensure that you go for the once that fits your needs. Always make sure that you buy the best towel warmer that will fit in your house as well as the one that you can afford comfortably.

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